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//May 2, 1993\\
Hye guys! Yeah! Another EXO's members birthday! >< Yeayyy! It's Huang Zi Tao birthday!

Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to youuuuuu~
Happy birthday to Huang Zi Tao!
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ><
Happy Birthday to you AB style/Wushu/Selca/Shopping/Panda/Gucci/Crying/Afraid of ghost King! Haha. Yeah~ You own a lot of nickname >< Hikhik! Please always be healthy! Don't push yourself too much in working too hard for your fans! Eventhough you said it is your profession and you like it, but still! We all want you to stay healthy and always happy! Just be yourself dear panda tao! We loves you! Always and forever ;) Btw, eat a lot and don't diet! Haha, you're already skinny! But please...  do not forget to share your food with your hyungs and dongsaengs~ Hahahahahha. Love you Huang Zi Tao :*
Okay! Of course it will be trending~
Exostan! Daebak~
It's not even 02/05 yet in Malaysia! But it's already 1st trending! WOW! His popularity is not a joke ❤

His weibo update today before his birthday!

With his omma~ Hihi ><

Always smile and be happy! ;)


*His 2014 wish!* Yes, you must Tao! ;)

Okay! Saranghae ❤ Annyeongg :*


  1. happy birthday kungfu panda. please stay girling like you always do in exo showtime. haha..
    I hope you will brave yourself to face the spider and the ghost heeee.. :DD XOXO

    1. Hahahaha. Yeahhhhh! //kiss and hug\\ :*