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#HappyLuhanDay ! :*

//April 20, 1990\\
Hyeeee! OMG! I forgot! Miannnnn T_T
It's Luhan birthday yesterdayyyyy!
I forgot to update entry about his birthday! Huhu.

Btw, I want to say that there's a tragedy happened in korea a few days ago. So, EXO fans try not to make a hashtag trend for Luhan birthday! Just wish his birthday without using # sign. But it still there. We cannot do anything. Whatever it is, it doesn't mean we do not respect the tragedy, but it is other matter. So, please don't judge this fandom. Mianhae..
Herm, so Happy Birthday to my dear Lulu oppa! You're finally 24y/o! *In korean 25*
Saranghae oppa ❤ Thank you for all of your hardwork and for doing the best for your fans! We love youuuuu ❤ And thanks also because you always take care of other members! And being the good hyung for them! ;) You're also the fake maknae like umin oppa! Cuz you're too cute like a deer ❤_❤ Hihihi, always stay cute and manly forever lulu oppa! ><

Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
Sarang ha neun Luhan shi
Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!

Hah! Thanks too cuz you always love Minseok oppa! Both of youuu! Please always stay cute, manly and love each other! >< Heeeeeee.

International fans be like :
*Buy and then wait*

*Yeahh, finally! We lighted it up!* Haha :3
Can't describe how much our love for you Luhan oppa! We, EXOSTAN always love and support EXO! Always do your best but also take care of your health! Always stay healthy and don't be sick! ;*
 Okey, that's all! Heeeeee. Annyeongggg ❤


  1. hamboii.. sampai beli cupcakes.. hehe kalau lah luhan baca ni, mesti menagis terharu

    1. Hahhahha, lol! Act, tak beli pun! Tu amek dri twitter sape2 tah. Just nk bagitau je yg international fans mcm tu! Huhuhuhu. Tapi seriousss, tak beli pun! Haha, btw. Yeahhhh :3 Kalaulah dia baca xD