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Hey guysss!
Hermmmmm, what a really long time this blog not being updated. Sorry guys! Sorry to all of my followers :'/ I think I will delete this blog. Because it is difficult now for me to update about exo! I'm growing up n my life time for this fangirling job are almost come to its end maybe. Haha. I have my life to handle. I am no longer can focus on this fangirling all the time. Huarghhh. Sorry for this bad news guys. Hahahaha (Idk what you guys think).
With all what happen to exo! I hope they will stay strong and keep growing more higher with their achivement! :') And the rest who are no longer exo's member, hope they also will be successful with what they choose! Fighting!
Hermmmmm, thanks for those who are always following this blog. Sorry for not updating n now even have to deleted this blog. (Or maybe I'll private it only.) Because 'sayang pulak rasa nak delete' -x'D Hermmmm that's all maybe! Bye guyssss! See you when I see youuu! Sorry to all of my followersss! TvT 
You guys can delete this blog link from your site if you have it! :') 

I'm missing xiuhannnnn TTTT.TTTT