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Liebster Award Nomination #2

Hello guysssssssss! Oh yeahhhh~ I've being tag by another blogger. Gomawo Fyha ;) Btw, this is my first award {READ?} Okay! Because I've time now *Lol! I always have time -_-* and nothing to do, so I will answer her questions ;) Sorry cause late dear! Hehe 

Okay! Here's the rules! ;) 
1. Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions asked.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots potential.
4. Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer.
5. Notify your nominate.
Before this, for the first award. I'm not following the rules and just answer the questions given. But now, I'll try to follow it. Hahaha. Mianhae...


1. Describe Do Kyungsoo. 
Hihi, describe him? He is so cute and squishy >< His eyes are big and he has a habit looking people with a creepy face! But it is still cute T^T I like it when he is angry! EVERYTHING HE DO ARE SO CUTE ❤

2. What do you think about yourself? 
About myself? Herm... I'm friendly but shy at first. I'm kind of softhearted *haha* because I love all people that I know ;) I'm not the type that is brave enough to tell people what I really feel. I always keep it inside my heart. I can't control my excitement on a things that I like. Especially EXO T^T *Lmao* That's all maybe? Hehe

3. Do you like exo? if yes/no tell me why. 
HAHA. Of course I like EXO! Just by looking to this blog? It's full with EXO! You know right? >< Idek why I like them. Haha, it's just that I started liking them after watching EXO SHOWTIME! I love their friendships to each other! They're having problem now right? I'm always hoping that they will not split and forever OT12 :')

4. Who is your bias? tell me about them and post their picture ^^ 
Omo omo! Okayyyy! I love this question! Haha. My bias is XIUMIN! He is my ultimate biases! ><

I love his eyes! REALLY LOVE! His eyes are so pretty and unique ❤ His smile, his laugh, his smirk, his shyness. I love all about him! He's sometimes so hot, cute, handsome, smart, cool, serious and playful! Lmao ><

He is "hyung", but looks like "maknae"!

He is so talented! He has a very nice voice and can dance! I love his voice! I'm addicted to it! But he did not get many opportunities to show it! How dare you SM! LOL!
I love this song! It is remake by EXO! Xiumin voice are so sweet! T^T //faint//
Btw, I miss Kris deep voice :(
That's all maybe? Hehe.

5. Who is your wrecking bias? and why? 
Herm.... I think all of EXO's members are my bias wrecker! I like all of them! To stan only one bias in EXO, it is like something impossible! Hahahaha! But, I think LAY, BAEKHYUN, KYUNGSOO, AND CHEN are my most bias wrecker x3 Btw, just want to tell you~ I SHIP XIUHAN! Hehe

6. If you have three wish. list out what is your wish. 
Herm.... I've a lot of wish! But for now I want a handphone, laptop, and have my own money. LOL xD

7. What do you think about Crayon Pop? lol xD 
Haha, their style are cute ><

8. Do you like Sandara? If yes/no tell me why 
Herm, I like her! She is so cute! And her personality are quite interesting! I mean, she is unique ;) Haha.

9. What is your favourite group or band? explain why 
Of course it is EXO! Idk! I just love them! HAHA

10. Do you want to meet your bias? tell me what do you do if you meet them 
YES! I WANT TO MEET XIUMIN AND EXO. JAEBAL! HAHA. If only I can x3 Korea wait for meeeeee! I want to get his and their signatures! Take picture with each of them! Want to hug them, but I cant~ And want to stare at their face one by one until I'm satisfied. LOL xD Dreaming~

11. Describe about my blog. hehehe xD 
Your blog is so nice! Pretty and awesome than mine! I like it! ;) I'm not kidding!

Now it's time for me to tag another bloggers!~ Heeeeee
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My questions if you're a kpoper! 
1. Tell me briefly about yourself.
2. Which korean group do you like?
3. Who is your bias? Tell me about him/her. *FANGIRLING TIME*
4. Describe XIUMIN! HAHA
5. Who is your bias wrecker? :D
6. Want to meet your bias? Yes or no? Why?
7. What time do you always fangirling?
8. If someone bash you because of kpop. What will you do?
9. Do you have a lot of kpop merchandise?
10. Have you ever go to your bias concert? Yes or no? Why?
11. Sincere comment about my blog? Hehe :*

My questions for those who are not a kpoper! 
1. Tell me briefly about yourself.
2. What type of songs do you like? Why?
3. Do you okay with kpopers?
4. If you had a chance to go to overseas, which country do you want to go? Why?
5. Are you okay with me?
6. Since when do you started to blogging and what is your inspiration to enter the blogging world?
7. Do you have other social networks site? Can you give me the links?
8. What is the best experience that has happened in your life?
9. Sincere comment about my blog? Hehe
10. Do you always update your blog?
11. Lastly, all the best for you! ;)

Haha. Okay! That's all! Sorry if my questions are not so interesting! :3 I have no idea T^T
You can answer it in malay or english! It's up to you ;) Leave your link on this entry comment! Please put your link like this:


To avoid spamming! Thanks! ;)
Okay! That's all! Annyeongg~ XOXO :*

OT11? :'(

Hey guys. Mixed feelings. Ergh :'( Seriously I don't know what to feels. Happy because of EXO solo concert finished with a great performance! But sad because of Kris case. OT11 :'(


Herm, lets talk about EXO FIRST SOLO CONCERT-THE LOST PLANET first. I'm so jealousssssssssssssss with korean fans! TT^TT With those who get to watch their live performance! I may faint with this jealousy. Not die yet. Haha. But yeah. I cannot be too jealous because eventhough EXO came to Malaysia, I still cannot go. Haha x3 I'm jealous because I can't watch it live! Only through the fancam! It is because SM block all  the live stream. You must already know why? SM the money crazier. Haha. Yes, as we all know. SM want to make more money through the concert. So, that's why SM block all of the live stream and do this : 
*The first one*

They even put the metal detector :3 
*Haha, but this metal detector not functioning really well and they've to repair it xD And yeah! Of course there's a lot of fansite noonas and fans successs getting into the concert with their cameras and bazooka cameras! HAHA. LOL! SM! You still can't fight this fandom! So, eventhough international fans can't watch it live, we still know what happen at the exo's concert ! Streaming via twitter. Scrolling non-stop TT^TT Lol! Haha*

There's also a lot of fancam on youtube! Huarrrrgggghhhhh! The more I watch it, my jealousy also become more and more! I can't! So jealousssssss! I can't handle this jealousy! Kkabseong x'3 Okay, back to the story. Haha. A lot of fans said that SM will make a 2nd EXO box that is about their concert! See? Money, money and money again~ Hoping that those rich fans will upload it online for us the poor fans. Huhu. Btw, eventhough I watched it through the fancams, it was a great concert! OMO! I'm happy and excited! EXO have work hard for this concert eventhough they're having a problem. Good job EXO! EXO SARANGHAJA! EXO FIGHTING! ;)

They will having a concert tour at other place too. Here's the schedule: 
*I don't know if this is legit or not :3* But still. The usual country T^T

Herm, their concert at korea be held for 3 days. And on the last day, 140525 they made a press conference about the concert and Kris lawsuit case! You can watch it here: PRESS CONFERENCE *But there's no engsub* :3

This is what they said: 

*I think it is not only this what they said. But still :'(* 
The truth is we don't know if what they said is really from their heart or been scripted by SM.



OT11? :'( Herm, Kris.... 
Seriously, I feel really sad, frust and cant accept the reality! But whatever it is... I still hoping for a miracle to happen? Hoping that one day, Kris will be back! And EXO will accept him back with an open heart! I always hope that they will not forget each other :') Exofans still an exostan! And EXO still is OT12 in our heart! EXO FIGHTING! WU YI FAN FIGHTING! :') SARANGHAJA!
Btw, there's a lot of short fanfic that been written by exostans. Some of them make me wanna cry :'( 
And this is the newest that I've read... 

Remember Taoris went shopping together when they filming exost and now without Kris, Tao went shopping alone :'( 

HEY! :') 


Okay, that's all. Hoping for the best. FIGHTING! :') Annyeong.... 
a warm hug from two leaders of EXO


//May 22 1991\\
Hey hey hey guys! Hikhikhik! Another new entry! >< Lmao! My entries just full with EXO's members birthday! Haha. But nevermind. At least I've something to update! Herm, it is EXO's Leader birthday! Kim Junmyeon! Suho the Guardian! Yeayyyyy! He is 23 y/o now!
Happy Birthday Suho oppa! Saengil chukahae >< Saranghae oppa! ❤ 
You are a good leader for EXO! Eventhough other members always not giving attention to what you said, but you still love and care about them! Gomawo oppa! ><  Always stay healthy and rich*lol* love each members and stay strong oppa! :) You're the doctor for each EXO's members! Haha. You always take care of their health with your vitamin! Hihi >< Yeah, maybe this year birthday, you're not very happy because of the problem that you guys having now. But always remember that we(fans) were always there for you and other EXO's members! :) EXO Fighting! 
All EXO's members love you oppa! ><

It is sad that this happen :'/

SM please...

No matter what happen! EXO is always consist of 12 members! XIUMIN, LUHAN, KRIS, SUHO, LAY, BAEKHYUN, CHEN, CHANYEOL, D.O, TAO, KAI, SEHUN! EXO SARANGHAJA! 
OT12 FOREVER AND EVER! :') There's no other EXO's members than you guys! Best of luck for your first solo concert! We always hope that Kris oppa will come back home~ Heeee! 
Maybe a happy surprise? Hope so!
Okay that's all! Once again! Happy Suho Day! Happy Kim Junmyeon Day! Kris oppa! SUHO and EXO need you! :') Annyeong~ XOXO :'*


Hey guys. Herm, maybe almost all of exostan have know about it. About Kris leaving exo. Act, I'm not updating my entry about him because I don't want to believe all the rumors. It's make me sick! Every exostan feel sad, heartbroken, hate, curious, not in a really good mood. It's all because of SM! Ergh. I don't even know who to trust n which news is true. Rumors everywhere.
But all of exostan always hope the best for kris and of course for other exo's members too! Really hope that kris will not leave exo and exo will always be OT12! There's no OT11 in exo's and exostan's dictionary! *Lmao* 

We believe in you kris!

Suho, please hold Kris tight, don't let him go, it wouldn't be the same without him :( 
You guys are exo's strength!

Without Kris... 

Please smile always Kris :')


"Kris lawsuit because he want sm treat exo like human not animal"
Okay, that's all guys! Bye! XOXO :* 


Heyyo! Haha. Btw, before that ;) Do comment //LOOK// Hehe
Okay! Act, a blogger tag me to join this segmen(?) Haha. Or is it actually I've been nominated by her for this award? Hahahaha. Gomawo saeng ^^ Saranghae ❤ *Btw, mianhae because so lambat buat entry ni. Hehe*
Okay! The rules is:
Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
Answer the 11 questions asked.
Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots potential.
Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer.
Notify your nominate.
Arasso? Haha
But I maybe not going to follow the rules. Hehe, so lazy >< Mianhaeeee!
I'll just answer the questions that is given okay? :)
Hihi, ready to read more guyssss? ><
Okay! Lets start! ;)

Describe about yourself.
Hahahaha. Annyeonghaseyo! Je iremeun Fadhilah imnida! I'm 96liners. I'm the oldest from 9 siblings. Haha, many right? xp Yeah~ I know! I love blogging, tweeting, reading, laughing, talking, fangirling(eh?) and more. Haha, LOL! I'm a muslim. Islam is my religion. And I'm a Malaysian ;) Yes. I love EXO. But it doesn't mean I don't know muslim's limit. Kpop is just my interest and yeah. I express it in this blog. But I also have other blog. It is my official blog about my life and my stories :) I seperated it into too. {My life and EXO}

Who is your bias . Tell me about him/her.
My bias is XIUMIN from EXO ! He's handsome! But still. I love all EXO members! The other 11 members are always my bias wrecker! HAHA. I fall in love(lol) with xiumin because he own a pair of eyes that is so rare! His eyes are like a wolf or cat eyes! 
His unique eyes ><
See? ❤

Also his smile and laugh are so adorable!
His smile ❤_❤
His laugh ❤_❤

Okay. That's all. If not, one entry still not enough to talk about him! Hahahahaha

Are you a kpoper ? If yes , which kpop group do you love most ? Tell me about them.
Haha. yes! I'm a kpoper. I love EXO. I don't even know why I stan them! I started to stan them after watched EXO's SHOWTIME. That's mean I started to be a kpoper since last year. I'm still a newbie~ Haha. They're so different when in stage and off stage! They're so cool, handsome, kind, nice, and most important is. They be their self. EXO! SARANGHAJA ❤

If your bias ask you for a date, where do you wanna go for your date?
Hahahaha. Ask me for a date? *Dreaming* But before that, I just want to meet them. Yes. Face to face in reality. *I've a dream~ LOL* Herm, that's all :3

Do you have a wish ? Tell me your big dream.
Herm... I think I have a lot of wishhhh! But I don't know what it is T.T Help meeeee. Hahahaha. I don't know. Okay bye ><

Do you wanna go to Japan / Korea / China ? Tell me why.
I want to go all over the world! If I've a chance to go... But, to answer your question, I want to go to Japan because I want to see sakura's flower ❤.❤ In Korea because it is my bias place. *Mana tau terserempak ke nanti?* Hahahaha. Then for China I want to try to walk on the Great Wall Of China. But of course the most important is because I want to try all the culture, shopping and taste all type of food in each country. I LOVE FOOD. LOL xD

What is your favourite song ? Why?
It's hard to choose. I like all songs that is nice and if it is suitable with my taste. Haha. But for now I love EXO's songs the most!

Do you like someone (not your bias) ? Tell me about him / her.
I'm not liking anyone. I'm single. And always single ;) No crush. No boyfriend. Just bias. HAHA xD

What do you want for your birthday present?
I want EXO xD HAHAHA. Yeah. I know I will not get it. But if I'd a chance to meet them. It must be the most best memory for me. Herm... so the conclusion is I just accept all gift that you guys want to give ;p If it is not putting me in dangerous. But I will be more more more happy if it is a gift that have "exo". Haha

If haters say to you something bad about your bias/bf , what will you do?
Herm, I don't have bf. So I don't care. But if they hate kpop. Just go away. Get lost from my life if you just want to talk bad. I don't even need you and your nonsense opinion. *Act, nak tulis panjang lagi. But malas nak cakap lebih-lebih. Nanti kpoper jugak yang kena balik. Mcm takde guna." So, just shut up haters !

What do you think about my blog ? Tell me if I need some improvement for my blog.
Herm, your blog is just nice :) But it will be much better if you can remove the pink hover at the image. Because it's look not really suitable. But if you still want to use it. Nevermind. It is just my opinion :)

Okay. That's all ! I've answered all the questions given. Hope you satisfied with it saeng. Hehe. Annyeonggg~ XOXO :*