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#HappyBaekhyunDay xD

// May 6, 1992\\
Heeeee, hye hye hye guysssssssss! Hikhik! This entry must be a really really happy entry because it is an entry about a happy guys who loves to make funny jokes! >< Yessssssssss! It is Byun Baekhyun of EXO! Yeayyyyy! It is his birthday! ❤
Happy Birthday Byun Baekhyun! You're so funny with your jokes and always happy beside loves to imitating others members~ Haha. It's okay! Fans love it! >< Btw, please don't be sad, stay healthy, introduce us to a lot more of Alien words that you created! Haha. You bring the EXO virus to us! Kkaebsong~ Herm, just be yourself and never care what others say! We love you for who you are :) 
Of course~ First trending! ;D

Gomawo for being exist ^^ Heeeeeeee

I don't know what to say more. It's just that you're so F A B ❤

You're a D I V A ❤
You've the fingers that are so beautiful and being admired by all the girls v_v

 Baekhyun and Chanyeol arhhh, always care for each other and don't stop loving :) You guys are just too sweet ! Hikhik, lol ;p

❤ Chanbaek // Baekyeol ❤

His words for his fans :)
❤ Baekhyun ❤

Yes ❤

Btw, suddenly I remembered that I didn't make an entry about Sehun birthday! Huarggggghhhhh! How can I forgot it? T_T I'm just busy tweeting about his birthday in my twitter. Herm, mianhae Sehun arhhhhh v_v But now, it is not completeeeeee. Hermmmm. So baddddd!

Okay, bye! Annyeongggg. Mianhae...


  1. kkaebsong~~
    happy birthday to derp byun baekhyun.
    always stay happy and naughty as ever.
    don't stop imitates other member especially tao. hahaha~

    Love EXO. XOXO.

  2. ohh dekat dekat je birthday diaorg semua ni

    1. Ha'ah! Haha, dah dalam tu pun 12 orang~ Mana tak dekat-dekatnya? x3