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OT11? :'(

Hey guys. Mixed feelings. Ergh :'( Seriously I don't know what to feels. Happy because of EXO solo concert finished with a great performance! But sad because of Kris case. OT11 :'(


Herm, lets talk about EXO FIRST SOLO CONCERT-THE LOST PLANET first. I'm so jealousssssssssssssss with korean fans! TT^TT With those who get to watch their live performance! I may faint with this jealousy. Not die yet. Haha. But yeah. I cannot be too jealous because eventhough EXO came to Malaysia, I still cannot go. Haha x3 I'm jealous because I can't watch it live! Only through the fancam! It is because SM block all  the live stream. You must already know why? SM the money crazier. Haha. Yes, as we all know. SM want to make more money through the concert. So, that's why SM block all of the live stream and do this : 
*The first one*

They even put the metal detector :3 
*Haha, but this metal detector not functioning really well and they've to repair it xD And yeah! Of course there's a lot of fansite noonas and fans successs getting into the concert with their cameras and bazooka cameras! HAHA. LOL! SM! You still can't fight this fandom! So, eventhough international fans can't watch it live, we still know what happen at the exo's concert ! Streaming via twitter. Scrolling non-stop TT^TT Lol! Haha*

There's also a lot of fancam on youtube! Huarrrrgggghhhhh! The more I watch it, my jealousy also become more and more! I can't! So jealousssssss! I can't handle this jealousy! Kkabseong x'3 Okay, back to the story. Haha. A lot of fans said that SM will make a 2nd EXO box that is about their concert! See? Money, money and money again~ Hoping that those rich fans will upload it online for us the poor fans. Huhu. Btw, eventhough I watched it through the fancams, it was a great concert! OMO! I'm happy and excited! EXO have work hard for this concert eventhough they're having a problem. Good job EXO! EXO SARANGHAJA! EXO FIGHTING! ;)

They will having a concert tour at other place too. Here's the schedule: 
*I don't know if this is legit or not :3* But still. The usual country T^T

Herm, their concert at korea be held for 3 days. And on the last day, 140525 they made a press conference about the concert and Kris lawsuit case! You can watch it here: PRESS CONFERENCE *But there's no engsub* :3

This is what they said: 

*I think it is not only this what they said. But still :'(* 
The truth is we don't know if what they said is really from their heart or been scripted by SM.



OT11? :'( Herm, Kris.... 
Seriously, I feel really sad, frust and cant accept the reality! But whatever it is... I still hoping for a miracle to happen? Hoping that one day, Kris will be back! And EXO will accept him back with an open heart! I always hope that they will not forget each other :') Exofans still an exostan! And EXO still is OT12 in our heart! EXO FIGHTING! WU YI FAN FIGHTING! :') SARANGHAJA!
Btw, there's a lot of short fanfic that been written by exostans. Some of them make me wanna cry :'( 
And this is the newest that I've read... 

Remember Taoris went shopping together when they filming exost and now without Kris, Tao went shopping alone :'( 

HEY! :') 


Okay, that's all. Hoping for the best. FIGHTING! :') Annyeong.... 
a warm hug from two leaders of EXO

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