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Heyyo! Haha. Btw, before that ;) Do comment //LOOK// Hehe
Okay! Act, a blogger tag me to join this segmen(?) Haha. Or is it actually I've been nominated by her for this award? Hahahaha. Gomawo saeng ^^ Saranghae ❤ *Btw, mianhae because so lambat buat entry ni. Hehe*
Okay! The rules is:
Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
Answer the 11 questions asked.
Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots potential.
Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer.
Notify your nominate.
Arasso? Haha
But I maybe not going to follow the rules. Hehe, so lazy >< Mianhaeeee!
I'll just answer the questions that is given okay? :)
Hihi, ready to read more guyssss? ><
Okay! Lets start! ;)

Describe about yourself.
Hahahaha. Annyeonghaseyo! Je iremeun Fadhilah imnida! I'm 96liners. I'm the oldest from 9 siblings. Haha, many right? xp Yeah~ I know! I love blogging, tweeting, reading, laughing, talking, fangirling(eh?) and more. Haha, LOL! I'm a muslim. Islam is my religion. And I'm a Malaysian ;) Yes. I love EXO. But it doesn't mean I don't know muslim's limit. Kpop is just my interest and yeah. I express it in this blog. But I also have other blog. It is my official blog about my life and my stories :) I seperated it into too. {My life and EXO}

Who is your bias . Tell me about him/her.
My bias is XIUMIN from EXO ! He's handsome! But still. I love all EXO members! The other 11 members are always my bias wrecker! HAHA. I fall in love(lol) with xiumin because he own a pair of eyes that is so rare! His eyes are like a wolf or cat eyes! 
His unique eyes ><
See? ❤

Also his smile and laugh are so adorable!
His smile ❤_❤
His laugh ❤_❤

Okay. That's all. If not, one entry still not enough to talk about him! Hahahahaha

Are you a kpoper ? If yes , which kpop group do you love most ? Tell me about them.
Haha. yes! I'm a kpoper. I love EXO. I don't even know why I stan them! I started to stan them after watched EXO's SHOWTIME. That's mean I started to be a kpoper since last year. I'm still a newbie~ Haha. They're so different when in stage and off stage! They're so cool, handsome, kind, nice, and most important is. They be their self. EXO! SARANGHAJA ❤

If your bias ask you for a date, where do you wanna go for your date?
Hahahaha. Ask me for a date? *Dreaming* But before that, I just want to meet them. Yes. Face to face in reality. *I've a dream~ LOL* Herm, that's all :3

Do you have a wish ? Tell me your big dream.
Herm... I think I have a lot of wishhhh! But I don't know what it is T.T Help meeeee. Hahahaha. I don't know. Okay bye ><

Do you wanna go to Japan / Korea / China ? Tell me why.
I want to go all over the world! If I've a chance to go... But, to answer your question, I want to go to Japan because I want to see sakura's flower ❤.❤ In Korea because it is my bias place. *Mana tau terserempak ke nanti?* Hahahaha. Then for China I want to try to walk on the Great Wall Of China. But of course the most important is because I want to try all the culture, shopping and taste all type of food in each country. I LOVE FOOD. LOL xD

What is your favourite song ? Why?
It's hard to choose. I like all songs that is nice and if it is suitable with my taste. Haha. But for now I love EXO's songs the most!

Do you like someone (not your bias) ? Tell me about him / her.
I'm not liking anyone. I'm single. And always single ;) No crush. No boyfriend. Just bias. HAHA xD

What do you want for your birthday present?
I want EXO xD HAHAHA. Yeah. I know I will not get it. But if I'd a chance to meet them. It must be the most best memory for me. Herm... so the conclusion is I just accept all gift that you guys want to give ;p If it is not putting me in dangerous. But I will be more more more happy if it is a gift that have "exo". Haha

If haters say to you something bad about your bias/bf , what will you do?
Herm, I don't have bf. So I don't care. But if they hate kpop. Just go away. Get lost from my life if you just want to talk bad. I don't even need you and your nonsense opinion. *Act, nak tulis panjang lagi. But malas nak cakap lebih-lebih. Nanti kpoper jugak yang kena balik. Mcm takde guna." So, just shut up haters !

What do you think about my blog ? Tell me if I need some improvement for my blog.
Herm, your blog is just nice :) But it will be much better if you can remove the pink hover at the image. Because it's look not really suitable. But if you still want to use it. Nevermind. It is just my opinion :)

Okay. That's all ! I've answered all the questions given. Hope you satisfied with it saeng. Hehe. Annyeonggg~ XOXO :*

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