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//May 22 1991\\
Hey hey hey guys! Hikhikhik! Another new entry! >< Lmao! My entries just full with EXO's members birthday! Haha. But nevermind. At least I've something to update! Herm, it is EXO's Leader birthday! Kim Junmyeon! Suho the Guardian! Yeayyyyy! He is 23 y/o now!
Happy Birthday Suho oppa! Saengil chukahae >< Saranghae oppa! ❤ 
You are a good leader for EXO! Eventhough other members always not giving attention to what you said, but you still love and care about them! Gomawo oppa! ><  Always stay healthy and rich*lol* love each members and stay strong oppa! :) You're the doctor for each EXO's members! Haha. You always take care of their health with your vitamin! Hihi >< Yeah, maybe this year birthday, you're not very happy because of the problem that you guys having now. But always remember that we(fans) were always there for you and other EXO's members! :) EXO Fighting! 
All EXO's members love you oppa! ><

It is sad that this happen :'/

SM please...

No matter what happen! EXO is always consist of 12 members! XIUMIN, LUHAN, KRIS, SUHO, LAY, BAEKHYUN, CHEN, CHANYEOL, D.O, TAO, KAI, SEHUN! EXO SARANGHAJA! 
OT12 FOREVER AND EVER! :') There's no other EXO's members than you guys! Best of luck for your first solo concert! We always hope that Kris oppa will come back home~ Heeee! 
Maybe a happy surprise? Hope so!
Okay that's all! Once again! Happy Suho Day! Happy Kim Junmyeon Day! Kris oppa! SUHO and EXO need you! :') Annyeong~ XOXO :'*


  1. happy Suhandome day. The most handsome guardian. hahaha..
    Overdose has it #7th win at M countdown. A great happy present for Suho :D
    I'll wait for the happy surprise. #ForeverOT12 :')

    1. Yes! Haha >< Congrats EXO!!! Heeeeee #Overdose7thWin! ;) Herm, forever and ever! :')