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Hey guyssss! OMO! It is our angelic voice birthday! KIM JONGDAE ❤_❤ I'm excitedddd! Huhu. Because he is my second biases! I am fall in love with his voice. His cuteness. His trollness >< Our ChenChennn! 

 He is now 22 years old! Yeayyyy! Be a good hyung and maknae to others! Even though you loves to troll them! HAHA. Always happy and don't get sick. EXO-L love to hear you say "Waeee" Hahahaha. You're so cuteeee :**** Stay strong and face all the challenge that had happened and will happen! We all know that you're a strong person! ^^

Maybe it is just a short entry but you must know that I really love him! One of his quote that makes me love him more :') 
He once have said to his Kris hyung "Kris hyung, if u leave I'll make sure the sky is full of thunder & lighting. That way u can't go to the galaxy"
I'm crying.... How I miss Kris, OT12 and KRISCHEN!

Enjoy your life and always stay with EXO ;) Keep supporting EXO, KRIS and CHEN exo-L! ;) 

Happy Birthday once again Kim Jongdae! #HappyChenDay #HappyJongDay #TrollChenDay #KimJongdae #Chen ❤ 

Annyeongggg :*

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