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Hye EXO-L!

Hey guysssssssssss! What a along time I'm not updating my bloggg! Wuarrggghhhh! I miss my blog! I miss you guys! Mianhae... I'm too busy with study. Assignment. Huhu T.T Okay guys! Yeayyyyyy! Finally our fandom have an official name! Haha. Eventhough it is quite "lmao" but it has an interesting meaning behide that name! ;) EXO-L ❤ 
Don't you think it is too sweet? >< Heeeee! 

Have you register it or not? This is the way: 
To succeed in registering EXO-L, you must be so patient! Because all people around the world is opening a same website! How do you think it will not crash? HAHA. But thanks god! I finally succeed! Wuhuuuu! I'm one of an official member of EXO-L! Yeayyyyy! Haha >< 

Yeah, after succeed in registering you will get the L-Card ;) 

Then you can answers all the quiz questions that is given. You can click at each of the star with EXO members name :) 

This is before you answer it: 

And this is after: 

Heeee, don't you think the website is beautiful? Its background is galaxy! And EXO as the stars! ;) It's make me remembered to Galaxy Hyung-Kris :') 
EXO-L stand for love and letter L is 12th letter.
EXO-L website is galaxy.
Kris is 12th member and he's exo galaxy.
 Hahaha. Quite unique x3 
Herm, btw I want to tell that I'm started to fall in love with Kyungsoo after watched his debut drama ❤.❤ He is really a good actor! Omo! Jinjja! He is so cute and lovely in It's Okay It's Love drama! Eventhough he is just an actors assistant! Oh my Kyungsoo! Hehehehehe. But I'm still loyal with my Xiumin okayyy! >< 

Btw, I'm sorry because too late to put your link at my affies for those who has put mine! I'm really sorry! I'm too busy T^T Mianheeee! 

That's all maybe? Hehe. I'm more active on Twitter and Instagram >< 
Visit mine? Haha ;p Annyeonggggg! XOXO :*

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